Ara 3, 2019
Flowers for the fall? Really groundbreaking »Hairstyles 2019 New hairstyles and hair colors için yorumlar kapalı

Flowers for the fall? Really groundbreaking »Hairstyles 2019 New hairstyles and hair colors

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In a particularly iconic The devil Wears Prada Scene, Meryl Streep-like the famous (and fictional) editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly-berates a co-worker for suggesting a fashion story about spring flowers. "Flowers? For the spring? "Ask Priestly in disbelief before she delivers her sarcastic kicker:"pioneering, "

Spring, with all its aprild and lily of the valley, is naturally a flowery season. It is permeated with vibrant pastels, fresh energy and literal plant blossoms. Of course, the fashion set has always been inspired by the season, leaving the rest of us with a variety of flower dresses, which we postpone until spring appears every year.

But this season, our favorite designers have branched out into legitimate groundbreaking territory: they've been trying to do it fall Flowers happen.

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Just as the term "spring flowers" sounds like a given one, "fall flowers" sounds like an oxymoron. Autumn is dominated by subdued colors, chunky knitwear and chunky shoes. And we've long accepted that dainty, colorful flowers do not belong in this tailoring scene anywhere.

But this year they do it. MSGM, Valentino, Carpenter and a handful of others have redefined flower printing, transforming it into a darker, more spooky autumn palette that would bring any peasant dress from "dreamy afternoon in the park" to "stormy morning in New York City". The flowery pieces that they created feel decidedly cold weather-worthy to be paired with heavier layers, heavier outerwear and even heavier shoes.

It's as if floral prints got new life – or maybe more grounded. They feel edgy, sophisticated and surprisingly comfortable at the same time.

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It's possible this sounds crazy to you – more like a nightmare than a dream. But as someone who resents the practice of clothing that retires during the season, it's me very on board with this sudden shift. And I bet you would as well – as soon as you actually see the autumn flowers I'm talking about.

Ahead, 31 ways to shop (or at least search) the most surprising trend of autumn. Diving in breakthrough fashion awaits.

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